CoysSummer2011-29 - Copy

CoysSummer2011-29 - Copy

With spring underway, we’re happy to announce our most recent updates for our Summer 2021 operations.

We’re so pleased to be opening gradually more and more as we welcome summer. We continue to appreciate you maintaining social distancing practices in order to keep our staff and the golf community safe before, during, and after your round at Coys Par 3.

As with businesses everywhere, if you aren’t feeling well, or are sick, please stay home.

Just a note: failure to follow protocols and guidelines could result in the golf course closure.

Please DO NOT approach the first tee until the area is clear.

  • Only one group of 4 on #1 Tee Box at any given time.
  • Please don’t remove the flags. Cups are raised to eliminate the need for flag removal.
  • Next group starts to play only once the green is clear and players on the next tee box.

Coys Par 3 Clubhouse is OPENING SOON

The DRIVING RANGE will remain CLOSED to the public.




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