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Coy’s is some of the most reasonably priced fun you’ll have all summer! Click HERE for green fees.

Specials for Golfing and Dining

Monday – Seniors golf and dine for 10% discount
Tuesday – Steak, Ribs or Chicken ‘n’ Golf (Reservations Required)
Wednesday – Men’s Night
Thursday – Steak, Ribs or Chicken ‘n’ Golf (Reservations Required
Friday – Ribs ‘n’ Golf (Reservations Required)
Saturday Morning Special – Breakfast Buffet ‘n’ Golf
Sunday Morning Special – Breakfast Buffet ‘n’ Golf, Burger ‘n’ Golf

Contact Us for more information about any of these specials.

We have a number of leagues that you can be a part of!

Monday morning – Senior’s golfing
Monday afternoon – Ladies league
Wednesday – Men’s league
Thursday – Ladies league
Junior golfing & Family golfing any other time!

Our Staff:

Our friendly, competent staff is one of the true strengths of our course. They are committed to helping you and your family have a great golfing and dining experience.

Call us for more information: (250) 345-6504. Contact Us to set up your tee times and tell us what we can do to help you enjoy your day.